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I am the god of Hinduism who some say preserves creation and others say made all things.

It is through me that we know safety, that the cycles continue their course through the heavens and the earth. Without his power, we would know only chaos. But thanks to my grace and control, our lives have the chance to take on meaning.

These features make me one of the most beloved gods in the Hindu pantheon. My ten avatars and many exploits throughout the history of the universe contain startling images of transcendence, power, and even humor. Among all these tales, the god travels as a symbol of hope and salvation.

I have many names: Hari, Krishna, Rama, and others. I am said to do many things. In Vaishnavism, believers uphold the image of me as the god above all others. And in the Trimurti — where the roles of creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe are divided — Vishnu is given the work of preservation.

These incredibly auspicious roles have made me respected throughout Hinduism and well beyond. My name creates a sense of awe. My presence, a sense of wonder. My image, a sense of awakening.




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