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Mysterium Visibilium

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Radim Kacer


© Copyright


June 25, 2023

Wallpaper artwork.

Mysterium Visibilium

Mysterium Visibilium


Mysterium Visibilium, a Latin phrase meaning "Mystery of the Visible," alludes to the enigmatic nature and hidden depths that lie beneath the surface of the apparent world. It suggests that there is an inherent mystery and profound significance to be discovered within the realm of the visible. Mysterium Visibilium invites contemplation of the intricate interplay between form and essence, illusion and reality. It beckons us to delve beyond the superficial and engage in a deeper exploration of the profound truths and hidden meanings that can be found within the ordinary and mundane. It highlights the wondrous and inexplicable aspects of existence, urging us to embrace curiosity and embrace the mysteries that surround us.

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